Milk Crate (with or without albums)
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Milk Crate (with or without albums)

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Anyone from a certain age will remember having a few of these in their bedroom growing up.  I have made milk crates in both 1:12 scale, and 1:24 scales. There are blue and yellow ones on the website, but if your decor calls for a different colour, let me know and I can make that for you also.

The 1:12 milk crates can be purchased empty, or "prefilled" with 10 classic albums.  For an additional fee, you can customize with your choice of any 10 records.   

Dimensions:  Approximately 1” square for the 1:12 version, and 1/4" for the 1:24 version.  

This is a scale dollhouse miniature suitable for a collector, and not a children's toy.