About Us

We take pride in offering only artisan-quality miniatures, handcrafted in Canada.  

Stop by our workshop location in Smiths Falls to view our current inventory, or discuss your custom order.   

10 Maple Ave, Smiths Falls, Ontario  K7A 1Z5

BIOGRAPHY of the ARTIST, Glen Anderson.

My love for miniatures goes all the way back to childhood.  It started with military and automotive models, and moved on to building house models based on famous homes like Falling Water and The Gamble Home.  In a used book store, I found a book on miniature furniture building, and I’ve been hooked ever since. On and off for the last 15 years I’ve built pieces in many different styles and genres-- essentially anything that I found particularly interesting or unique.

If I was to put myself in a particular style now, I would say I’m a modern miniaturist, although I like the federal style as well. I’ve recently started building a number of Greene and Greene pieces and have really become fascinated with their building techniques and styles.

If I was to come up with one reason I build miniature furniture, I guess it would be the challenge. I love taking a photo of an interesting piece and turning it into a miniature version of the original. I’ve done a number of pieces for customers based on a single photo or just a description, and those pieces usually end up being my favourites-- until the next project comes along.

I’m looking forward to hearing from other furniture builders about their interests and ideas. I’m always open to suggestions and critiques from other builders. I tend to be very critical of my work and judging from the number of unfinished pieces in my scrap box, I still have lots to learn, so all comments or suggestions are welcome.

We are located in Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada.  Please drop us an email with comments or suggestions!  You can reach us at:


(613) 284-1479